What We Do

What is involved

Through our CADI™ process, your unique project requirements will be combined with our flexible and highly solution focussed team to work collaboratively with you and provide leading-edge highly accurate data; enabling the best decisions for your project and investment.​


Risk Assessment

Working with you we will capture your unique project requirements. We then analyse those using project management principles to assess the risks and any constraints in performing unmanned aerial sensor survey(s) of your project.


Discussion with the Team

This is then followed by discussion with you and/or your team resulting in a comprehensive operational flight plan.​

A pre-flight site visit may be required depending on the site location, size, complexity and any site/ surrounding area sensitivities.​


Collecting Data

The sensor(s) capture day will first be based on ensuring your full requirements are understood and reflected in the operational plan. If required, and working with you/or your site representative, a low as reasonably possible (ALARP) risk assessment on the day will take place. We then acquire the raw sensor data required for your project.​

We bring your site to your desktop​

We then take the raw sensor data collected on your site/project and process that into visual models. These can be highly geo-located and are spatially accurate to cm resolutions. Processing complete, we then provide this to you in an industry standard format to view and make your own survey measurements at your desktop and convenience.

Should you require further data to information analysis?

We remain absolutely committed to you and either directly with us, or through our network of industry specialist experts, we will ensure you get the information you need to make those project and business critical decisions.


How we can help​

Our professional team are exceptionally committed to working collaboratively with our select clients to deliver world-class services and solutions.​
What you can expect from our VISIONTM core principles​


We are resolute in delivering leading-edge highly professional products and services.


Commitment, courage, discipline, and honesty are our watchwords in everything we do.​

Solution Focussed​​

Working with our clients’ and through the provision of highly accurate and specific information we empower them to make the best decisions for their projects and investments.


Innovation, agility, and constant improvement are in our spirit.​

Open and Honest​​

Listening, questioning, and capturing clients’ needs and requirements. We deliver with trust and transparency.​

Next Level​​

Providing the very best services and solutions to our clients taking their projects to the next level.​


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